CHEN HSIANG(Suzhou)Foods Co., Ltd.

CHEN HSIANG(Suzhou)Foods Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1959, CHEN HSIANG Foods Group has been cherishing business philosophy of "integrity, diligence, innovation and development" ever since.

We started by establishing a trading company and then developed to a factory engaged in production. As for our products, we started with operating in frozen prepared foods and then developed to dedication to frozen fruits, vegetables and food processing, and now we have expanded our business scope to include the development of fine foods. 

Our products have become indispensable foods on the dinner table of every household. Besides, we have set up sales channels of our own and our own restaurants. 

Making our company more diversified in choosing its development direction, we hope it will become a leader of the food industry in the 21st century.

As an enterprise combining four functions, CHEN HSIANG Foods has made great efforts in expanding its business scope to include import and export trade so as to gain a global market. To make itself more globalize, CHEN HSIANG has successively passed BRC, ISO 22000, CAS, HACCP certifications. 

Based in Taiwan and with its subsidiaries and related companies in many countries, CHEN HSIANG has spread its products globally, and has established logistics and food processing centers around the world, such as Jiayi factory, Suzhou factory, Suzhou Yuanhe factory and Vietnam factory.  

We customize solutions and provide better-needed value for customers. In order to cater to consumers, we will develop more delicious, casual and healthy foods.

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