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A survey of the unified moves made by the market administrations at different levels across China to strengthen food safety for general public before the advent of National Day

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    During the past 70 years, Chinese people's lives have undergone tremendous changes, which is intensively reflected from the changes of the dishes served on family dinner tables at different times. History progressed from the early times when Chinese people hoped they could have enough to eat and then into an era when Chinese people could afford for rich meals, and now we all think our diet should above all be healthy rather than rich. Small dinner table has demonstrated not only the great advances of society but also the Chinese people's good wishes for a better life. Five days later, China will have her seventieth birthday. To make the public live a better life during such a great event, the market administrations at all levels across China showed great care for the health of the public and took actions to ensure the food safety during the festival.

    As early as September 6th, 2019, the general administration at state level held a video and telephone conference to stress the importance of strengthening the market supervision and maintaining good order of festival markets. The conference instructed the market administrations at all levels should enhance their responsibilities and measures during the festival and took the safety of the people as the core of their task, implement "four stricts" to do a good job in ensuring food safety.

    To achieve this goal, all links of the process from foods production to sale shall be put under strict control. All work of market administration are always centered around foods safety supervision, let alone the responsibility during such a grand event. The staff of the administrations carried out their respective work including inspection on stalls where foods are on display for sale, staying in office for further task, quick testing, to say just a few. When the ordinary Chinese people were enjoying a family reunion during the festival, the staff of market administration kept themselves on duty to exchange their toil for safety, win peace at the cost of their overtime work. They have been widely acclaimed for what they did, providing guarantee for a successful celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the founding of China.


 "Thank you for your delivery of license to me! This has not only saved my time, most importantly, with the license, I can open my business to public just in time before the National Day,"  said Mao Genqin, a villager in Xingzheng Village, Hongli Mountain, Daochang Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. She was preparing her farmhouse restaurant to open when the staff of the local market administration of Daochang town under Wuxing District called on her and gave her the business license for her restaurant as well as the permit for foods industry.

    Xingzheng Village of Hongli Mountain has long been a tourist attraction for its picturesque environment. With more tourists coming, the importance of green healthy catering increases. The market administration went into villages together with the village tourist administration and provided joint services, thus, the service platform of the government was extended to the doorstep of the farmers families. When the National Day was around the corner, many staff members of the market administration called on the farmers at their home as an organized activity and gave personally the business licenses and required foods operation permits to the five local families who were preparing to open farmhouse restaurants and Mao was one of them. The staff made on-site inspection and provided guidance for the farmers.

    “Mosquitoes and flies can easily get into the house if it is not equipped with gauze windows. The National Day holiday is peak season for tourism when large numbers of tourists will probably flock in. Insufficient number of sterilizing equipment or ill-functioning equipment or the failure to sterilize foods or utensils in time will cause a potential foods danger,” The staff from administration pointed out various problems discovered such as inadequate function of sterilizing facilities, not enough sinks respectively for different stages required for washing and cleaning process, unsatisfactory results of the measures taken against dust, mice, insects, and made suggestions for Mao to follow to meet catering service standard after they made overall inspections on the layout, facilities and sanitary conditions of the premises of Mao.

    In order to improve the ability of farmers in ensuring foods safety, the staff from administration carried out on-site training on them and required the farmers to ask for related license and invoices when they purchased goods from others and shall strictly check each item coming in, so that they could be free from the foods beyond shelf life or foods gone bad. Hopefully, these measures could guarantee vegetables, fruits and other edible agricultural products safe from the source.  “From now on, any vouches for cooking oil and meat shall be carefully preserved so as to not only standardize our business but also protect ourselves,” said Shi Yueqiang with a sigh, another farmer, after he finished his training.

    With the development of tourism promoted by the government of Wuxing District further into towns and villages across the whole area, in addition to Daochang Village, Daixi Town also had cottage hotels and farmhouse restaurants whose total number reached 14. Moreover, the scenic area within Miaoxi Town, Wuxing District witnessed the construction of five more dining rooms including two farmhouse restaurants this year, and there were also five cottage hotels in operation and another five under construction within the whole Miaoxi Town. Xisaishan Mountain provincial tourist&vacation resort had 15 tourist projects completed including “Huixin Valley” and “Yuanxiang Small Town”, besides, the projects “Twenty-one Cottage Hotels”, “Giraffe Manor” are already at final stage.

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